about us

GenieKats is a small cattery in Central Florida. Originally, it was founded in the mid-eighties specializing in Himalayan cats. Now the focus has shifted to Golden and Silver Persians. In my opinion, the Golden and Silver Persians are typically smaller than other Persian cats, have an easier coat to maintain, and can be very talkative. Our Golden female (Sasha) is a Grand Champion with the CFA. She enjoyed the shows and loved to show-off for the judges. Optimus Prime is a CFA Champion – he’d prefer not to see another judge. Lexi has been to a few shows but still needs another great show to meet all the requirements of a CFA Grand Champion. Our cats are free to roam the house. We do have a few cages but the doors are blocked open. If you are interested in a kitten, please send an email through this website’s Contact Page.

The price of a kitten (or adult cat) does not include shipping. The charge for shipping will be an additional flat fee of $250.00 to any commercial airport located within the continental US from Orlando (MCO or SFB) but not located in Florida. For any other Florida airport, an extra fee of $50.00 is required for the State’s Special Health Certificate. Each cat will be shipped in a new, airline approved carrier.

The price quoted on each kitten is for ‘pet only’ and does not include ‘breeding rights’. Our adult cats have been tested for FELV/FIV and PKD.

May all your wishes come true!!